In the Winery

In the winery

The grapes are harvested by hand, in perforated cases not exceeding 18kg of grapes. Each bunch of grapes is sorted in the vines, a second time on a vibrating table, and then again on a traditional sorting table before being completely de-stemmed (or not at all depending on the vintage, some of the smaller cuvees undergo maceration with all of the stems still intact).

Vinification is carried out according to Burgundian traditional practices. The reds are set in concrete tanks mainly, a neutral porous material which is ideal for the expression of Pinot Noir. The whites are vinified in barrels and barrels of 400L. The alcoholic fermentation is left to set in motion by itself and lasts usually between 8 and 12 days in average. It is deliberately long to encourage a long and careful sugar content degradation in the must by the indigenous yeasts.

The red musts remain in tank for a few days to fix the color and extract other aromatic qualities of the vintage before barrel aging.

Each container and duration are tailored to the appellation and vintage to give expression to the purity of fruit. The work in the cellar is primarily to accompany the winemaking process with the minimum of interventions in order not to standardize our cuvees. Each tank is frequently tasted and analyzed in the laboratory by us to monitor and check the progress of the wine.

Our primary objective is to respect the identity of the terroir.