In the Vineyard

In the vineyard

There is no secret here. A great wine results from good grapes. Priority is given to the work in the vineyard.

The organic and biodynamic agriculture practiced on the Domaine encourages a diversified microbial population, and allows the vines’ roots to take advantage of all the geological richness in the terroir.

The grapes then allow a style of winemaking with the least intervention possible, preserving in particular the indigenous yeasts perfectly adapted to the character of the vintage.

The soil ploughing and the omission of chemical products support a competitive environment in the soil. The biodiversity is crucial for us; beehives have been put in place around the clos of the Domaine which is visited by two sheeps during winter in order to control the grass level; horse ploughing is used on the plots where it’s possible. The vines have rediscovered their original vigor and the roots draw nutrients deeper in the soil, nourishing the grapes with aromatic characteristics of the terroir.

The vineyard treatments are applied manually to the vineyards; the soil ploughing aerates and unpacks the earth in order to support life and to control erosion.