In the Cellar

The wines develop their identity in our cellars from the 15th century during aging that lasts from 12 to 18 months according to the appellation and the vintage.

The ideal conditions of this ancient site facilitate the gently aging of the wines. The natural vibrations, the temperature and the constant humidity in the cellar allow the aromas to evolve and structure to be set up. The choice of the location of the Clos a thousand years ago was not chosen at random by the monks.

We prefer an aging in barrels of several wines not to mark our wines. The percentage of new wood does not exceed 15% per cuvee. Made in French oak, they come from 4 to 5 different coopers and their wood microporosity optimizes the organoleptic quality of wines.

The various barrels are then blended in tanks to complete ageing before bottling at the Domaine.