Le Clos du Moulin aux Moines

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<<< CMM = MAGNUMS >>> - Publié le 28.01.2014

Quelques magnums sortent de nos caves...
Parce que 75cl ne suffisent plus quand on a des amis, Jordane Andrieu libère de sa cave personnelle quelques magnums sur des millésimes comme 2009...

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Le domaine vous accueille sur rendez-vous ... - Publié le 14.06.2013

Venez déguster nos vins dans un cadre exceptionnel, bucolique et chargé de 10 siècles d'histoire.

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L'équipe du Moulin aux Moines s'agrandit avec Paul Perarnau - Publié le 26.03.2013

Il s'occupera entre autre de la commercialisation de nos Grands Vins en France comme à l'étranger.

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Owned by the monks of the 10th century Cluny Abbey, and now the passionate heart of the Auxey Duresses vineyards, Moulin aux Moines is a pillar of Bourgogne’s rich history. In the years since taking over the Domaine in 2008, the Andrieu family has been dedicated to restoring the ancient values of it’s legendary wines, in the spirit of biological agriculture.

Jordane Andrieu employs a viticultural ideology that is modern and adapted, yet its principles are as old as the ground we walk on: biodynamics. He is gently reintroducing biodiversity to the Domaine, to favour healthy organic activity in the soil and photosynthesis in the vines. Already his oldest vines are thanking him in producing white and red wines that are as expressive as they are natural.

    Wine tasting is possible at the domain on demand:

    Booking by phone +33(0)3 80 21 60 79 or by email